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TT was two years since we had fought our last
JLbattle with the Crows, It was late autumn,
and we were camping one night on the fringe
of the Cypress Hills near the Montana-Alberta
border when something strange happened,

We had been some hours in bed and it must
have been near midnight, when out of the inky
blackness of a starless night, we heard a rustling
among our horses which stirred us to our elbows.
No one spoke a word. In this breathless silence I
heard a 'click', and I knew that my father had
slipped his arm under his muzzle-loader, and had
cocked it to fire,

Our horses, too, had remained silent for an
instant after their first startling jump, but now
they broke again, and we could hear them trying
to gallop with their hobbled feet. Now our dogs
became aroused! One hundred shaggy giants,
who could not bark because they were half wolf,
sprang as one into a howling, yowling fury